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Hello traders!
Tired of the eternal search for the right signal? The Xsignals technical tool will help you analyze the market situation on your own and make the right decision.

In one window with the trading platform and at a single price, Forex 24/5 and crypto 24/7 signals, as well as additional technical analysis tools and indicators for quick market assessment are available to the trader without restrictions.

Each supplied signal has all the necessary information for making the right decision instantly.
name of the currency or crypto pair
Stop Loss and Take Profit
time from the moment of the signal generation
heat maps the
timeframe in which the signal is generated

The quick buttons in the signal structure allow you to get additional information about the current market situation online using additional tools: online charts

widget panel with popular technical indicators (RSI, CCI, Pivot Points, Volatility indicator, Trend indicators) Summary
panel and Bulls & Bears color scale

With the help of Xsignals, trading is much easier and more accessible.
The application works in any country with any broker. All you need is Internet access.
Use the signals in the browser window or install the application on your PC. It is compatible with Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu
Signals are generated around the clock regardless of the time zone or the opening of international markets
In the blog, trading strategies, instructions, and training materials are available for you for free, which are adapted for novice traders
Several options for purchasing PRO licenses. The power and accuracy of the signals does not depend on the PRO version.
Our contacts:
E-mail: support@xsignals.one
Telegram: @xsignals_one


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Hello traders!

The xSignals blog has a new article on how to use signals correctly and make the right decisions.
In this article, you will learn how to evaluate signal reliability using three tools:

Power reflects the statistics of successfully completed signals for the current value of the trend indicator for one timeframe. The higher the power, the more reliable the signal.

Heatmaps show the profitability of signals using various filtering indicators. The more trades closed with profit, the greener the marker.

Profit Factor is a coefficient of the effectiveness of a trading strategy, defined as the ratio of gross profit to gross losses. The trading system is profitable if the Profit Factor is greater than 1.0.

How signals work and about signal generation algorithms, read on the website in the How it works section.

Feel free to contact us at support@vfxalert.com for any assistance from our team, we'll be happy to help.


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2022-06-09 16.27.30.jpg
We have great news! We have launched the xSignals mobile app!

Everything that is in the desktop version is now on your smartphone: unlimited forex and crypto signals, additional indicators, live charts!

Setting up integration with a forex broker or cryptocurrency exchange, placing auto orders directly from your smartphone!

Download the xSignals mobile app from https://xsignals.one/download

If you have any questions, the technical support and a personal manager will help you as soon as possible, just write to support@xsignals.one

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New PRO license for $25 on xSignals

As well as free signals for two Forex assets in the xSignals application for a computer.

For $25 you will receive:
- unlimited forex signals 24/5 for a month;
- unlimited crypto signals 24/7 for a month;
- heatmaps and signal power;
- the opportunity to trade on the platform of any forex broker or crypto exchange in one window with signals,
- “smart” levels for placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders;
- market analytics in the moment;
- additional indicators.

xSignals - Forex and Crypto signals in one app!

For all new users, there is an additional discount of up to 25% on all PRO licenses within 2 hours after registration.

Registration link https://xsignals.one