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    Thread Modes Remitano Giveaways to Indian Users

    On the occasion of Remitano India wallet launch, we are starting a Special Giveaway program to celebrate the launch from July 09 to July 30, 2020. That is Giveaways to Indian Users on Remitano. Prize: Up to 5.000.000 Satoshis. Joining Time: July 09 - July 30, 2020 Target audience: For all...
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    Minigame Remitano Bounty - Chill-out July! Earn Free Coin Now!

    Now Remitano has a Minigame for all users on Remitano, which is quite fun. With just a few mouse clicks, people can immediately receive up to 1000XRP. Information about the minigame here: Time: July 3 - July 23, 2020. Prizes: Up to 1000XRP. Audience: For all users on Remitano platform. Let's join!
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    Remitano Giveaways to Indian Users

    I just joined the Giveaways to Indian Users on Remitano, everyone can refer to GET SOME BONUS. Remitano Unveils INR (Fiat) Wallet with Rupee Instant Trade Feature For every new user: Get 500 rupee after completion of the first trade For referrer: Get 200 rupee for every new user as your Tier 1...
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    Free Coins available for Indonesians!!

    Remitano just launched a new Indonesia Wallet – combining both instant buy/sell and support for deposits and withdrawals - and just with the first trade, you can get up to 7 USDT! Do you want free coins with just a few simple steps? This is the place for you Super easy and simple, all you have...
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    Get free coin up to 10 USD

    Hi guys, A great opportunity to earn $10 that I had found on Remitano for each registered Indonesian trader. Just verify your document, create your first trade with any amount and invite your friends to join. Sounds great right? What are you waiting for? > Explore Remitano announcement and...
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    Hi guys, Lately, Remitano has entered to Indonesia market and giveaway up to 7 USDT/ person when join their system by completing some basic steps: Earn 2 USDT when you verify documents. So easy and simple! Earn another 5 USDT when you create your first trade. Just the first trade, they don’t...